Miniskirts: A Sermon by Carl McIntire


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Collingswood, N.J.: 20th Century Reformation Hour, ca. late-1960s. Twelve-page leaflet. [16432]


McIntire really works himself up to a frenzy on the subject of miniskirts, which he says lead to "fleshly lusts," marijuana use and to one young girl's indulgence in interracial sex. He exclaims: "It was a miniskirt that brought about this! The damage and the harm that is now being done to young Christian girls who adopt this form of dress is absolutely incalculable. This is practiced on campuses where hippies and yippies stir up riots; that is exactly what you have." He advises: "Young ladies, your dresses ought to be long enough so that the contours of your body and the areas of your body that involve lust and the stimulation of sex will not in any contribute to such emotions".

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