"By All Means Let Us Be Patriotic." In "The New English Weekly: A Review of Public Affairs, Literature and the Arts"

Vol. I, No. 25 (October 6, 1932). Gallup C883. Very good. [70327]

Weekly journal edited in London by A. R. Orage who was much taken at this time (as was Ezra Pound) with the social credit theories of Major C. H. Douglas. According to Pound's essay: "There are two causes of war, apart from atavistic imbecilities of the surviving monarchists. The first has been amply outlined by Major Douglas and his friends; it is the fight for markets. The second is the specific interest of the ineffable lice who want to make money by selling guns and munitions." Also in this issue is "The National Credit Movement: An Interview with the Marquis of Tavistock" by J. W. Cherry, "Fascism as a World Force" by W. Horsfall Carter, "The Corrida and the Humanitarian" by Arnold L. Haskell, etc.

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