Let's Sell Success!: A Recorded Speech. Dr. Kenneth McFARLAND.

Let's Sell Success!: A Recorded Speech

Grand Rapids, Mich.: Edward M. Miller & Associates, Inc., (1972). 33 1/3 rpm LP record. Name stamp & a bit of foxing on sleeve; else about fine. [70029]

Recorded speech by a motivational speaker whose stock-in-trade is self-improvement, leadership, salesmanship, conservatism & anti-Communism. According to the blurb on the sleeve: "'It was back in the Great Depression of the 1930's that we started the damnable thing that has grown to such huge proportions that it is now a greater threat to our country than any force from the outside.' This is the way Dr. McFarland describes the increasingly ominous menace of the thing he calls 'pocket-book voting.' It was in the 30's that we discovered we could 'vote ourselves economic benefits out of the public trough.'"

Price: $25.00

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