"A Letter to Maksim Gor'kii." In "The Living Age"

Vol. 314, No. 4072 (July 22, 1922). [55102]

"About a year ago, when the appalling extent of the Russian famine first became apparent, Maksim Gor'kii wrote a letter fo Vladimir Korolenko, the great Russian writer, who died last Christmas, asking him to coöperate with the Soviet Government in fighting the famine. At the same time, a Nonpartisan Famine Relief Committee, which was soon after dispersed by the Soviet Government, asked Korolenko to become its honorary president. Following is the text of Korolenko's reply to Gor'kii, which has just been published in the Paris 'Posliedniya Novosti,' a Russian daily newspaper, edited by Paul Milyukov, May 13, 1922"

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