Is This a Free California?

San Francisco: Northern California Merriam for Governor Non-Partisan Headquarters, ca. 1934. 4 x 9 in. Six-page leaflet. [54891]

Anti-Upton Sinclair tract, said to have been published in a "leading California newspaper," in which the Democratic Party candidate for Governor of California is denounced for the "maggot-like horde of Reds who have scuttled to his support." Communists are referred to as "termites secretly and darkly eating into the foundations and the roof beams of everything that the American heart has held dear and sacred." They are further said to "rally uncleanly to every sore spot. They drop poison in every bruise." Furthermore "they are eating off the halliards that hold up the Stars and Stripes in many directions." The November election in California is said to be a "fatal crossing of the roads. There can be no turning back. Either we take the Red path; or we close that gate right now - forever"

Price: $25.00

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