Coming Sensation. Zircon: A Colored Serial Supreme. 15 Chapters, Thrilling Suspense. Featuring "The Fighting Fool"

Illus. with photos. Jacksonville, Fla.: Norman Film Manufacturing Co., ca. early-1920s. 9 1/8 x 11 3/4 in. Four-page leaflet. Folded twice for mailing. Very good. [49004]

Promotional leaflet for this serial which featured an "All Colored Cast." There is a synopsis of all 15 chapters of the serial which sound exciting to say the least. The hero is left "staring at "apparent death" in the first installment, then in successive installments is left to "die on the spinning hub of one of the monstrous wheels of the potash pump," is left to die from the release of a "Poison Cloud," "is "left to die in a raging sand storm," is "left to die of suffocation," is "attacked by an army of crocodiles with no apparent escape from death in sight," is left to "certain death in a pilotless plane," is left to be "roasted alive" in a burning ship, is left on a raft to fight with a "monstrous tiger shark," is "bound to a tree to be devoured by a monstrous snake," is left to the "mercy of the quicksands," etc.

Price: $100.00

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