News Bulletin No. 21: Alice Weitzman in Danger

New York: National Caucus of Labor Committees, ca. 1975. 8 1/2 x 14 in. Broadside. [36045]

NCLC, believing that one of their members, Alice Weitzman, had been brainwashed by the CIA, conducted a de-programming session in her apartment. Six NCLC members were arrested for unlawful imprisonment, with the charges later raised to kidnapping. At the time of their arraignment Weitzman was exhibiting, according to this press release, an "extremely unstable mental condition." The text continues: "Alice Weitzman's present state poses a clear threat to the CIA's plans. She could doubtless collapse under any rigorous cross-examination; and as a witness she is presently useless. It seems clear that the CIA and the N.Y. police are now considering the following atlernative operations: to kill or kidnap Alice or other members of the 'Dillon group' in order to motivate widespread assassinations and frame-ups against leaders and members of the Labor Committee, or to reduce Alice's unstable personality to a psychotic state in order to discredit the Labor Committee's therapeutic breakthroughs in de-programming victims of brainwash procedures"

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