Lest They Starve! Spanish Fighters for Democracy Need Your Help through the Spanish Refugee Appeal: They Fought the World's First Great Battle against Fascism in 1936-39 - They Helped the French Maquis Liberate France in 1944 - Today They Are Hungry and Sick in Many Lands - Exiles Waiting to Go Home. Keep Them Alive! In France, North Africa, Switzerland, Portugal, Mexico, Santo Domingo, Cuba

New York: Spanish Refugee Appeal of the Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee, ca. 1945. Six-page leaflet (printed on heavy stock). With 36 stamps in $1.00 & $5.00 denominations tipped in. The stamps read: "I Helped My Spanish Trade Union Brother. Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee" No. 481 of an unspecified number of copies. [32033]

Contains a message from Dr. Edward K. Barsky, Chairman of the Committee.

Price: $60.00