The People Together: One Hundred Years of Minnesota 1858-1958

Illus. with photos. Minneapolis: People's Centennial Book Committee, 1958. 4to. Wraps. 48 p. [31878]

Contains "People Are the Story" by Le Sueur, "The People Are a River," a poem by Irene Paull, "At Bemidji Falls," a poem by Walter Lowenfels, "Sage of Nininger, Irish Fighter against Monopoly," an article about Ignatius Donnelly by Susie Stageberg, "Thorstein Veblen, Minnesota's Unsung Hero" by J. F., "Minnesota Exclusive: Farmer Labor Party" by Clarence Hathaway, "Militant Mothers from Rutabaga Country" by Lena Borchardt, "The Great Northern Strike of 1894: When Gene Debs Beat Jim Hill" by Amos Flaherty, "Union Comes to Mesabi" by M.M., "Solidarity and Union: Unemployment Actions Grew into Trade Union Organizations" by Harry Mayville, "Milestones of Labor's First Century" by Carl Ross, "Letter to an Imaginary Friend," a long poem by Thomas McGrath, "Wabasha Boyhood" by Nelson Peery, "Where the Rain falls" by Le Sueur, etc.

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