"Capitalist Barbarism and Socialist Culture"

In "The Communist International" Vol. XIV, No. 12 (December, 1937). [27754]

Special issue commemorating the twentieth anniversary of the Russian Revolution. Also contains "Aye, It Doesn't Depend on You, Mr. Bauer!" by " by P. Viden (pseudonym of Ernst Fischer), "The Soviet Union and the German Working Class" by V. Florin & "The Role of the Trade Unions in the October Revolution and in the Building of Socialism" by Wilhelm Pieck. Other contributions include "The Soviet Union and the Working Class of the Capitalist Countries" by Georgi Dimitroff, "Two Anniversaries" by J. Diaz, "Greetings from the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Spain," "Reminiscences of the October Revolution and of an Interview with V. I. Lenin" by W. Gallacher, "The Gestapo against the German People" by E. Funk, "The Struggle for Trade Union Unity in the U.S.A." by W. Z. Foster, "About Feuchtwanger's Book, 'Moscow, 1937'" by F. Ernst, etc.

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