Vol. 17, No. 1 (January-February, 1986). Very good. [26568]

Special issue on blacks and peace. Contains "The Black Presence in the Struggle for Peace" by Frances M. Beal and Ty DePass, "Black Gains Tied Directly to Pursuit of Peace: Interview with Mayor Gus Newport" by Frances M. Beal, "Cowboy Amok" by D. L. Crockett-Smith, "Low-Intensity Conflict: A War for All Seasons" by Gail Reed, "Reflections on the Geneva Summit: The Perspective of a Journalist from the Developing World" by Don Rojas, "Jesse Jackson Takes His Peace Program, Interview" by Don Rojas, "Black Journalists Visit Eastern Europe" by Terry E. Johnson, "The Soviet Union Is an Ally for Peace" by Jack O'Dell, etc.

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