Vol. 2, No. 6 (January, 1902). [20900]

"The Whim is the official organ of the Grand Order of Whimsical Folk, under whose auspices it is published ever and anon, or say once a month at 26 Campbell St., Newark, N. J." While the magazine opens with a whimsical advertiesment for "The Graham West Side Settlement for the Uplifting of the Better Element" ("Toiling masses admitted only when accompanied by a Better Element. Respectable Persons will please check their dignity with the Janitor"), the contents are of a radical nature and certainly more serious than the title would indicate - "Forced or Free- The Two Socialisms" by J. Wm. Lloyd," "A New Conception of Hell" by Maxim Gorky, "The Storming of the Block-House," a poem by Ernest Crosby, "The Bugler's Last Word," a poem by Franklin H. Wentworth, etc. An editorial note announces the addition of Crosby to the "Whim" editorial staff.

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