A Daughter of Mexico: A Historical Romance Founded on Documentary Evidence

Rochester: John P. Smith Printing Company, 1916. 342 p. 1st ed. [18240]

Novel which condemns the Mexican Revolution. Breen sees the revolutionaries as savages incited by Protestant missionaries, "those vampires of the nations." The following description of Zapata is typical of Breen's attitude toward the revolutionaries: "Zapata, the ghoul in human flesh; Zapata, the black-skinned, bestial Indian, who embodies in himself miser's greed and the cruelty and bestial lust of Nero... This monster has the negro's lust for white women..." Page after page is filled with atrocities committed against Catholic priests and nuns, all described in great detail. Interspersed are lengthy expositions of Catholic doctrine and fulminations against Freemasons. A ray of hope for the beleaguered republic is held out in the final chapters with the formation in a mountain cave of a literally underground Catholic, counterrevolutionary organization, "The League of Blood," which will fight for a "Christian Republic"

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