The Pied Pipers / Pot, Rock & Revolution: The Complete Texts, with Footnotes, of Both of These Full-Color, 35-mm. Filmstrips on the Drug Epidemic That Is Destroying the Youth of America

Belmont, Mass. & San Marino, Calif.: MOTOREDE, ca. 1969. Wraps. 24 p. [13395]

Slightly hysterical vision of America threatened by a strange amalgam of sensitivity training, drugs, suggestive rock lyrics, SIECUS, Charles Manson, the "S.D.S. militant Weatherman group" who make bombs "in the nude," Anton La Vey, etc. The authors warn: "Our peril is very great. This country has never had such a challenge. The western world has not seen such a malignant destructive force since the last plague in Europe"

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