The Man Inside: Being the Record of the Strange Adventures of Allen Steele among the Xulus

Illus. by Charles Alston. New York: Scribner's, 1936. 8vo. Cloth. xiv, 313 p. 1st ed. Bleiler p. 38. [10451]

Novel about a "brilliant scientist, driven out of civilized society by intolerance, who works out his experiments and theories among the most backward of human beings, the Xulus... Mr. Calverton uses the diary and the character of Coeur as a springboard from which to send out ideas which essay to explain and interpret some of the important problems facing the world today. Coeur works with hypnotism as the means of bringing to the surface of each individual, the 'man inside,'" according to the review in the "Boston Transcript." Contemporary reviewers of this novel by the Marxist editor of "The Modern Monthly," were generally positive, some comparing him with H.G. Wells.

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