Political Economy Illustrated. James ERICKSON.
Political Economy Illustrated

Political Economy Illustrated

Philadelphia: The Rationalist Press, 1956. 8vo. Wraps. Unpaginated. With a TLs to Decca Truehaft (Jessica Mitford) stapled to the inside front cover. The letter is torn away beneath the signature. Very good. [96618]

Marxist political economy examined in a series of cartoons. According to Erickson, Marx "theorized that Capitalism would pass away and a new and higher form of society called Socialism would take its place. Marx wasn't in a trance or gazing at tea leaves when he wrote that. It is happening before our eyes. The world is moving. If one cares to understand how and why it moves one need only to open the books on Marxism-Leninism. Maybe this little cartoon booklet will induce someone to do that"

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